Master Proven Techniques to Beat Your Competition and Win Every Listing!


Start bulletproofing your listings and become a POWER LISTER today!


Finally—a powerful, proven, immediate method to help real estate agents close every listing, every time.
Stop wasting time on bad listings and leaving money on the table. Start bulletproofing your listings and become a LISTING MACHINE!


The Sell 100% of Your Listings program will transform any real estate agent into a listing Rock Star in just 6 sessions.

Learn powerful step-by-step strategies that will empower you with the ability to win every listing. Stop wasting time on customizing each listing presentation.  Automate your process by employing these revolutionary, easy-to-follow methods that guarantee success. Don’t rely on outdated methods that mimic your competition.

Start bulletproofing your listings and become a POWER LISTER today!

Sell 100% of Your Listings works IMMEDIATELY, after the first lesson, with all lead generation models: Whether you are a real estate agent that prospects for business by calling expired listings or ‘for sale by owners’...or you market with social media or direct mail...or even if your focus is on past clients or your sphere of influence, you can plug these materials and tools into your existing lead generation systems TODAY and see an increase your listing appointments and sales right away.
In this course, you will learn how to:
  • Create an irresistible value proposition in under 30 seconds with a seller
  • Build trust with sellers so quickly that they are asking YOU if you would help them sell their home before you even ask for the listing!

"Amy B. is a Listing Superstar! I would HIGHLY recommend any opportunity to learn from her. Many years ago, I was Amy's Real Estate Coach, and I have seen her approach and her results first hand. She allowed me to share her ideas with other clients of mine, who all sold more real estate because of her tools and processes. If you have listings that aren't selling, want to sell listings faster, or just want to sell your own expired listings each year, TAKE THIS COURSE!"

Ren Jones
CEO of Vulcan7


I’m Amy B., an established and well-known REALTOR® in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was not overnight that I decided to create the Sell 100% of Your Listings program. It took me more than 10 years to perfect the art of my listing process and sculpt it (and test...and retest...and retest) into the bulletproof plan that it is today.

Over the years, I have mastered what it takes to captivate homeowners’ trust quickly and understand what it takes to win the majority (actually, ALL) of my listing opportunities. Having perfected the most impactful and powerful listing presentation in the industry. I’ve perfected my powerful and impactful listing presentation, and now I’m ready to share the secrets that took me over a decade to learn.














YES. My Program is Proven

In my 12 years as a real estate agent, I have listed and sold more than $100 million dollars in inventory. I know how to move houses and to move them fast… and for the highest price. Even during the largest market crash in modern history, I still averaged 30 days on the market with a 97.5% list-to-sale ratio. With my program, you can do this, too. Don’t be just another agent plodding along from listing appointment to listing appointment.

Stop dreading competing with other agents to win the listing.


Stop wasting time and money going after listings that you don’t win.


Stop wasting money on listings you will never sell.


Make up your mind to make a difference for yourself and for your family.


Decide to invest in a system that will change your life.


It is absolutely possible to win and sell 100% of your listings.


Let me show you how.


"I had a conversation scheduled with a listing client to discuss pricing, and I felt good going into the meeting, but after one of Amy’s classes, I had incredible confidence. The real value to me for this one class session could be about $12.5-$18k! "

Corey Lee
Real Estate Agent

Trust me – I know how you feel!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many listings did you put into the MLS that didn’t make it to the closing table?
  • Based on your average commission, how much money did you leave on the table at each of those listings?
  • How much time and how many resources did you invest into each of those listings?

I guarantee the answer will make your stomach hurt. I know it did for me! When I saw how much money I was investing into listings that never sold and the amount of time I was spending away from my family to support those listings, I decided that something needed to change.

I got busy figuring out how to make my business work better. I looked at so many things in my business, like:

  • How to more acutely price every home
  • How to ensure that I was qualifying my sellers appropriately
  • How to better prepare and present that house to the market

From the documents and visuals I was using to learning how to speak with more confidence, I examined every aspect of my sales process.

And WOW did I learn a LOT!

I felt my business improving, and sales were closing faster and faster. I felt good about where my business was heading.  I gained confidence and my bank account began to grow.

But, do you know how I REALLY knew that I was successful? OTHER AGENTS, entrepreneurs, business people, friends and acquaintances kept asking me to grab coffee…and lunch…and drinks so that they could “pick my brain.”

I then began to realize I was at a turning point in my career.  I had mastered my art and perfected my craft.  I had a secret that everyone wanted to learn, and that could be applied by others.

That’s when I KNEW that I had the GOLDEN TICKET: the valuable experience and knowledge to help other agents accomplish their goals in both business and life.

"I personally have implemented many of Amy's tools and processes and sold 8 out of 8 listings in my first 10 months as an agent. If you are looking for a simple yet effective model to make sure you sell all your listings, then Amy's class is the model you need to implement"

Alan Whisman

"Amy B's Sell 100% of Your Listings course offers resources that can be implemented in your business IMMEDIATELY. She shared a valuable pre-qualification questionnaire with us the first week and our homework assignment was to practice it. As a result, I asked my sphere for assistance with the questions and gained 8 new listing leads. My clients said the questions I asked them, that Amy's course provided, helped them determine their next steps in getting their house ready to sell. My clients were impressed that I was taking a course to sharpen my skills. It made an awesome impression and they truly saw me as an expert even while I was learning and investing in myself and them. Amy's resources are timely and helpful to grow your business to the next level."

Megan Stacey

What’s in it for YOU?

In this program, I will personally lead you through each step and show you EXACTLY how I became an expert listing agent: selling 100% of my listings, 100% of the time.

When you commit to my program, you will get access to everything you need to revolutionize your business: webinars, interviews, videos of live presentations and use of the tools, business-changing tools and resources—even customizable documents that you can personalize and brand to your own business and send to clients TODAY!

The beauty of the program is that you are able to begin using each method and each process immediately. You are instantly able to apply what it took me over 10 years to compile and perfect. You get a complete surefire system that works on any listing prospect. Say goodbye to spending hours figuring out exactly how to create your own listing presentation and selling process. THIS IS IT. Don’t wait one more day. I will give you everything you need to win listings, sell listings and be a rockstar listing agent.

This course is ready for you--but are you ready for the course? It doesn’t matter if you prospect for business by calling expired leads or scouring listings for ‘For Sale by Owners.’ It doesn’t matter if you market with social media or direct mail. It doesn’t matter if your focus on past clients or your network or your sphere of influence. EVERY AGENT in EVERY MODEL can use materials today to grow your business!


Calling all agents!

Are you an agent who has been in the game for a while?

PERFECT. Remember—I started this course because seasoned agents were asking me for advice! I know that we are all after the same business—the kind of business that makes serious money without working endlessly, 80 hours a week, week after week, month after month, sometimes year after year. This course gives you processes and a step-by-step methodology so you can take your business to new heights.

Are you an agent who is extremely successful with buyers but haven’t broken into the game of listings? Are you wildly successful as a selling agent?

I congratulate you on this momentous success. However, would you like to take a vacation and let the commission roll in while you are sitting on the beach? It took me only a few years of 80 hour work weeks in showing 50 homes a week to realize that there must be a better quality of life. Then I put my secret method in place.

Are you a new agent looking for a way to use new technology and new tools to enhance your business? Are you ready to be challenged beyond role play and scripts? Are you looking for that special technique that will set you apart so that you become the area expert and word will spread like wildfire in your own community or neighborhood?
My course will take any agent at any level and catapult them toward success as a listing expert! Why delay? Get started today, enjoying the success and let your confidence shine.

When I learned how to sell 100% of my listings, I changed my life.


Now, let’s change YOURS!

  • I gained financial security
  • I gained confidence as an agent
  • I gained more time with my family
  • I gained the ability to set high goals--and ACHIEVE them
  • I stopped worrying about my bank account
  • I stopped wasting time on bad listings and bad clients
  • I stopped spending money to market homes that wouldn’t sell
  • I stopped feeling guilty about the time I wasn’t with my family

But this program is not about ME. It is about YOU.
So, here’s what Sell 100% of Your Listings will teach you:


Client Prequalification

How to prequalify your clients and identify their motivation and ability to sell.

Property Pricing

The tools you need to properly price a property and how to come to a mutual understanding of that price with the seller.

Home Preparation

Learn all the steps to prepare the home for the market and more.  This includes negotiation strategy, dealing with seller expectations, and preparing the seller for the listing process.


"In the first week of the course, I used the Listing Prequalification Phone Call script with an expired listing. After some initial hesitancy, the seller opened up and answered all the questions in detail. At the end of the call she stated that she will not be scheduling any more appointments with brokers. It appears the quality and depth of our conversation caused her to decline additional appointments. I will see her this afternoon. At the very least, I know more about this seller, her home and her expectations than any expired listing I have pursued in a long time. These questions and approach have set me apart in the eyes of this expired lead. Very powerful tool!"

Tom Gross

But…what EXACTLY is the Sell 100% of Your Listings program?

Trust me—I get it. Every minute of every day is valuable. That’s why I’ve packed 12 years of knowledge and experience into only SIX comprehensive sessions. Sell 100% of Your Listings works IMMEDIATELY, after the first lesson, with all lead-generation styles.

P.S.: Courses sell out quickly! Reserve your seat now!

Here’s everything you get—no surprises or gimmicks. What you see here is exactly what you’ll receive when you become a member of the Sell 100% of Your Listings program:

6 90-minute videos hosted by me, Amy B.! You will enjoy  90 minutes  of instruction—where I teach you everything I know, then I'll share how to put that day’s lessons into practice right away. Every member is equipped with tools they can use immediately to start revolutionizing their business.

  • PLUS: All webinar recordings are on demand and self paced, ready for you when you are,  and made available on our member site.
  • PLUS: You will have lifetime access to the course material!
  • PLUS: Bonus videos, training and material added all the time!

A Private Facebook Mastermind Group where members of the course can share, engage and interact regarding the course material. Members will benefit by sharing new ideas and concepts—plus you can report back on how your business is growing! This online mastermind group is available 24/7 to gather insight on what is working and how to apply the tools in each member’s specific business and market.

  • PLUS: I stay engaged in this group on a daily basis, answering questions and helping course members—you’ll be seeing a LOT of me over the next eight weeks!
  • ALSO: I do a monthly 30 minute scheduled Question and Answer LIVE in the Private group for anyone that wishes to join in.  These are archived and stored on the private page.
  • PLUS: This is a great opportunity to feel the energy that comes from being confident in your business—we’ll talk, brainstorm, discuss, plan, and apply…the excitement will be BUZZING!

One-to-One Call with Amy B. (that’s me!): Members will receive a 30-minute, 1-to-1 coaching  call with me, the creator of the course. This call is a perfect opportunity to ask questions, dig deeper on a specific topic that we’ve covered, or discuss specific challenges in your local market or unique business.

Document Tools that are both client facing and agent focused are included in each course module. This is not just a document that you pop your logo on and call it a day. These are documents that I have spent YEARS perfecting! There is literally blood, sweat and tears involved in every page—and you get access to all of it. These 13 (and counting) documents are PROFESSIONALLY designed (…which is worth $1000s—trust me!) and prepared for you to use them!


"I rave about your class to everyone who will listen! After your class, my eyes were opened to not only what I was doing incorrectly but how to formulate a much better presentation that creates more of a business arrangement with me in charge and sets expectations from the beginning."

Catherine Marshall

"This class shows an agent how to take it to the modern era by leveraging technology to win. Your presentation is warm, humble and a proven winner."

Mark Fast

WAIT – There’s More!

If you are ready to commit to improving your business, I am ready to commit to you! Sign up TODAY and you will receive all of these amazing bonus materials:

BONUS: Interviews with key vendors like our home stager and professionals who will enhance this experience and answer your questions and concerns.

BONUS: Access to my webinar “Build Rapport in 7 Seconds using Video”

BONUS: Free trials and discounts for technologies and tools shared in the course


Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Let’s do some simple math. What is the value of one more sold listing? Got that number? Okay great.

This class is $997. ONE listing sale will cover this class. And if you read through some of the testimonials and reviews of this course, you’ll see that most clients are getting MULTIPLE solid leads and listings as a direct result of this class. Think about that.

Can you really afford to MISS this course?

You can listen on demand, at your own pace 24/7, for the rest of your life!  Members receive a username and password to access the full course site. All of the documents, tools and resources—including recordings—will be available for you to refer to at any time.

Sell 100% of Your Listings works immediately, after the first lesson, with all lead generation models: Whether you are a real estate agent that prospects for business by calling expired listings or ‘for sale by owners’...or you market with social media or direct mail...or even if your focus is on past clients or your sphere of influence, you can plug these materials and tools into your existing lead generation systems TODAY and see an increase your listing appointments and sales right away.

This program is designed to help all types of agents at all levels of expertise. You can be an agent who prospects for business by calling expired listings or ‘for sale by owners’...or you can be an agent who primarily markets with social media or direct mail, and this course is STILL right for you. Even if your focus is on past clients or your sphere of influence, you can plug these materials and tools into your existing lead generation systems TODAY and see an increase your listing appointments and sales right away.

First of all, congratulations! I know how much work it takes to get to where you are. Now I challenge you to open your mind and just imagine what your business—and your LIFE—would look like if you added 5, 10, 20, 50 or even more solid leads and listings, and that you sold 100% of them. What changes would take place in your life at that level? Could you provide for your family beyond their wildest dreams? Would you then be building the business you’ve dreamed of?

Even more – this course will provide the structure, systems, and tried-and-true processes that you can use to be more efficient and effective in your business. You can start to see your business grow without spending more time at work. You will be better with your time, gain access to great tools, and get the logical developments you need to take your business to the next level.

Honestly? It’s probably much better if I let other people tell you the value of this course. I encourage you to read through these testimonials and see if there’s something that speaks to you. The strongest testimony I can offer is directly from the mouths of members!

I will let you in on ONE thing—this course is selling, and it’s selling FAST. So, while I definitely encourage you to give this good thought and to read reviews and make sure it’s a good fit for you, I also want to share that this course—at this price—will not be around for forever! In fact, the price will go up in the future as we continue to add more content documents and tools, including great tech trials and discounts.  So, if you want to get the most value, reserve your seat now!  And.... you'll have lifetime access, which includes all the extras we add in the coming months and years!


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