The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process

Make more money!!

With less stress!! 

Work with buyers you LIKE!

Create Buyer Loyalty NOW!

Has your business growth flatlined?

Do you desperately take every lead?

Are you stressed out by working with buyers who don't seem to respect or trust you?

Have you become a hostage to your business causing you to miss out on YOUR life?


Become an Expert Buyer Specialist and let Amy B. Show you how to 

  • Earn  your buyers respect and loyalty

  • increase your income, grow your business

  • lower your stress, enjoy your work and clients again

  • all while working with buyers you like! 

  • Control your time

  • Succeed with buyer sales faster

No matter how you generate your leads, referrals, from your sphere, online, open house, website, facebook,this system VALIDATES the lead, gets them set up for success, and helps you focus on getting the buyers that can buy to the closing table.

Jenny, the Lead Buyers Agent for the Amy B Sells Team has LIVED the methods in this course since early 2015.  


When Jenny joined the team, her annual GCI was around $40K.  That was her ceiling for business for 10 years, over and over.  When Jenny began working with Amy, she had just started a family and needed to raise her income.   Amy trained her on how to set Standards in her Buyer Business, how to follow her proven process for getting 95+% of buyers to the closing, and how to focus on prioritizing or engaging  buyers in a way that worked for her income goals and family needs. 


After a year of  applying the same methods and tools shared in this course, Jenny  DOUBLED her income to a GCI of $80K in her first year with Amy (her 11th year in the business).  In her second full year, Jenny TRIPLED her previous 10-year average GCI to be $120K. 


Jenny now has a steady 6 figure income working with buyers AND is able to balance her family time too.  This process has provided her a better than 95% closing rate with buyer leads that meet the Standards, and those buyers that she works with, she likes them!  They trust and respect her as the EXPERT BUYER SPECIALIST she is!

"Amy B’s Ultimate Buyer Loyalty taught me how to systematize my buyer prospecting, conversion, and the entire transaction with a buyer. Having been in the business for 14 years, I knew how to work with buyers and was very proficient. Amy’s course helped me work with buyers with a much SMARTER approach to communication, follow up, and setting expectations. This course helped me GROW my business and EXPAND my team. My buyers agent has been trained with Amy’s systems. The best part is that they integrate into the systems I was already using which gives me full control over my business and the relationships that my team is working on."

Jeff McIntyre
Realtor, Michigan

The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process

The same training Jenny and dozens of other Expert Buyers Specialists have received is now available ...


In Six 90-Minute Video Lessons you will learn:


How to ask the right questions that will cause you to discover the buyer leads true motivation and qualifications for being able to buy, and their level of urgency. 


How to create an Introduction Package for the buyer that will demonstrate your expertise/experience/authority in the market, set you apart from any other agent they may be talking with, and why they should hire you and trust you throughout the transaction.


What the 3 non-negotiable steps the buyer must take in order for you to nearly guarantee they will make it to the closing table and own a home.  How to get them to check these boxes off quickly so they can become your VIP!


What is a Buyer Counseling Session and how does it help my buyer client have a better experience.  You will learn the agenda and how to get hired at this meeting. 


How to prepare your buyer for the search process, the market’s ups and downs and challenges and how they can WIN the home they want. 


How to prepare an offer strategy for your buyer, with pricing research, term recommendations and new expert buyer strategies to get them to an accepted offer. 


How to give your buyer clients the best experience so they feel compelled to tell others about you and enjoy referrals from their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors for years to come.  

Creating opportunities for those raving fans to review and recommend you after the sale.

10 Professionally Designed Documents you can add your Branding to include:

  • Road Map of The Ultimate Buying Process
  • Buyer Lead Pre-Qualification Form
  • Buyer Counseling Session Agenda
  • Buyer Loyalty Agreement
  • VIP Buyer Property Search Criteria Form
  • Property Report Card
  • Buyer Financing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Tips for Looking for Houses
  • Preparing for Negotiations 
  • Buyer Wants & Needs ONLINE FORM
  • And more!!!! As we continually add to the program!

Added Bonus Items and continued support: 

  • Private Facebook Group Access and Engagement
  • Email Templates for offers and inspections
  • Showing Assistant Resources
  • Open House Tips
  • NAR Multiple Offers White Paper
  • Housewarming Party Resources
  • Buyer Love Letter Examples
  • Additional training videos on sub topics requested
  • Dotloop Discount Code
  • Bomb Bomb 14 Day Trial
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and materials via the Member Site
  • We are always adding to this list and improving the courses!

Course Options

Making an investment of your time and money into this course will set you and your clients up for success. STOP paying the stupid tax, let Amy give you her proven process that has been used over and over to grow and strengthen so many Realtors buyer business

Do It Yourself


6 Pre-Recorded Training Sessions 

On YOUR Schedule and Timeline

10 Professionally Designed Client Facing Documents that make you look like a PRO, just add your logo

Master Listing Specialist Branding & Media Kit, just add your logo

Private Facebook Group Access

2022 Survivor Edition Recordings Included






Limited to 15 per class

Includes all items in The DIY  package  PLUS:

6 Live Group Training Sessions (Must have 10 Students for Live Session)

Live Q&A Sessions with Amy B.

All SURVIVOR Edition tools and documents



Buy Now

Stop spending time with buyers that aren’t financially approved


Stop carting around buyers for months in the hopes they buy a home


Stop interrupting your day off or your vacation


ENJOY your life and your family, take vacations, days off


Have clients appreciate you, trust you and listen to you


Enjoy your work and your clients again! 

YOU can be an EXPERT BUYER SPECIALIST and get the same results in a fraction of the time like Jenny did!  


Let Amy B. show you how to quickly gain your buyer's respect and loyalty.   Work with buyers you like and are in alignment with you. Increase your income and lower your stress. 


Start by investing in The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process Online Course. 


Veteran agents in the business over 10 years have been able to take this course and increase their sales and have a better Net Life too!  Brand new agents that haven’t sold a house or who are fumbling around trying to figure out how to sell to buyers efficiently are taking away processes and tools to work smarter, not harder! 

"Since taking The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process with Amy, I feel confident in working with buyers and counseling them through this important process. The course has helped me provide a clear and easy to understand roadmap for my buyer clients every step of the way. They know what is coming next, and Im able to inform and educate them every step of the way. No detail is missed. The online forms, and the printed documents provided in the course help me look professional and keep both myself and my clients on track. Fine tuning my initial buyer counseling session and using Amy's online questionnaire has streamlined things and made the buying process better for me and my buyers! Thank you! "

Mark Fast
Realtor, Ohio

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