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Introduction Package Video Email Step by Step


During this course, Amy will take you through the process of creating an authentic, and topic appropriate Introduction Package for Buyers and Sellers using Video/Email delivery with Bomb Bomb.  

After more than 5 years of using Bomb Bomb Automations to demonstrate her value to both buyers and sellers, and often eliminate her competition, Amy will share her process and videos! 


  • Amy will take you through the process of identifying what is important to buyers and sellers
  • How to identify what YOUR superpower is that you want to shout from the roof tops to your leads 
  • She will share content ideas, and additional ways to deliver this information
  • She will show you how to create and organize an email that then becomes a part of an automation in Bomb Bomb
  • She will show you what her Buyer and Seller campaigns look and sound like
  • You'll watch as she creates a template, an email and an automation that you can repeat
  • She will share 13 tips for recording video, and 75 more ways to use video in your business, with more than half of those being Real Estate Specific ideas
  • You'll see what cameras, lights and other gadgets she uses to produce her video emails
  • BONUS: The book Rehumanize, written by Bomb Bomb execs will be reviewed and she will share her thoughts on a video book report. 

Jump in and get started learning how to create these game changing Introduction Packages for buyers and sellers.  You'll be able to demonstrate your VALUE, build TRUST and RAPPORT quickly, show them your TRUSTWORTHY and COMPETENT, and usually, eliminate any competition.  

Let's do this!