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Do It Yourself, all the way up to getting your new Listing System TOTALLY Implemented in your business!

Do It Yourself


6 Pre-Recorded Training Sessions

Plus: more than 10 hours of additional videos of meetings and calls to provide examples 

On YOUR Schedule and Timeline

12 Professionally Designed Client Facing Documents that make you look like a PRO, just add your logo

Master Listing Specialist Branding & Media Kit, just add your logo

Bomb Bomb Users: Master Listing Specialist branded Introduction Package Automation including template, content and attachments, branding and Contract to List Automations added to your BB Account for all BB users

Private Facebook Group Access

Easy Upgrade Options for more Engagement



The Ultimate Engagement



Includes IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Pre-Recorded sessions in the Do It Yourself so you can get started ASAP!

6 LIVE Q and A Sessions  (Alternating for 12 weeks Pre-Recorded Video Training and LIVE Q and A)

12 Professionally Designed Client Facing Documents that make you look like a PRO with YOUR LOGO

Master Listing Specialist Branding & Media Kit Customized to YOU with YOUR LOGO and photo

Private Facebook Group Access

*Bonus offers while in 12 week Session


The Expert Implementor


15 Students/Class

Includes all items in The Ultimate Engagement PLUS:

(12)  60 Minute Group Implementation Support Class Calls with Amy B. over 6 months (every other week)

Complete Implementation of Listing System including all 6 Milestones 

Pricing & Strategy Meeting Presentation Book Created and Delivered to you

Submission of your Master Listing Specialist Press Release to Press Wire for publication

(2) 30 minute One on One Implementation Calls

*Bonus offers Ongoing


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