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Do It Yourself, all the way up to getting your new Listing System TOTALLY Implemented in your business!

Do It Yourself


6 Pre-Recorded Training Sessions 

On YOUR Schedule and Timeline

10 Professionally Designed Client Facing Documents that make you look like a PRO, just add your logo

Master Listing Specialist Branding & Media Kit, just add your logo

Private Facebook Group Access

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The Ultimate Engagement



Includes IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Pre-Recorded sessions in the Do It Yourself so you can get started ASAP!

6 LIVE Q and A Sessions  (Alternating for 12 weeks Pre-Recorded Video Training and LIVE Q and A)

10 Professionally Designed Client Facing Documents that make you look like a PRO with YOUR LOGO

Master Listing Specialist Branding & Media Kit Customized to YOU with YOUR LOGO and photo

Private Facebook Group Access

*Bonus offers while in 12 week Session


The Expert Implementor


15 Students/Class

Includes all items in The Ultimate Engagement PLUS:

(12)  60 Minute Group Implementation Support Class Calls with Amy B. over 6 months (every other week)

Complete Implementation of Listing System including all 6 Milestones 

Pricing & Strategy Meeting Presentation Book Created and Delivered to you

Submission of your Master Listing Specialist Press Release to Press Wire for publication

(2) 30 minute One on One Implementation Calls

*Bonus offers Ongoing


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